Link – Best way to tackle suicide rates is to be honest about our own mental health

“Suicide is the leading cause of death for 15 to 44-year-old Australians, but it is not something we talk about very often.

According to the Deputy CEO at Suicide Prevention Australia, Kim Borrowdale, that lack of talking is one of our main problems.

“We need to talk about it more not less. We need to talk about it in a way that encourages safe conversation and help-seeking and doesn’t sensationalise,” she said.”

Not talking about mental health is killing people. People who feel like they can’t ask for help, or should be ashamed of their struggles instead of understanding that they aren’t alone, and should feel no shame at all in seeking help.

How many more people must we lose?

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  1. We also need better health care coverage for issues with mental health.
    It is to costly and you wont get help if you cant afford it.

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