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Reviews Elsewhere – My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent

Caught this review over on NPR and thought it might interest some of you. My Absolute Darling is a novel about child abuse, which I personally find to be something that doesn’t interest me as much, but I know some other survivors who do enjoy reading stories of overcoming abuse, fiction or non-fiction. If that describes you, what NPR had to say might interest you.

My Absolute Darling is, very obviously, difficult to read, particularly the scenes that detail Martin’s abuse. But it’s also nearly impossible to put down. It has the pacing of a thriller, particularly in the novel’s final scenes, when Turtle realizes she has a major decision to make but very little time to do it. And Tallent somehow manages to work in some light moments, thanks to Jacob and Brett, the wisecracking high schoolers who quickly take a liking to the girl.

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