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Link – Journalist who deliberately went missing reveals how real struggle is when you go back home

There is so much truth to this. My time dealing with DID and going missing wasn’t all over the local news, but this was absolutely true.

“When you return from missing, the space you’re returning to is no longer safe. You’ve just proven it’s fragile – that your mind and body aren’t as secure there as they once were.

Your loved ones can no longer trust you to stay put. Even going to the supermarket to buy milk needs to be planned like a military operation.

Any space you once inhabited, home, work or online, is now tainted.

It is fraught with difficulties. Each space is a separate entity that you have to work at to re-enter.

Disappearing is easy. Coming back is a logistical, administrative and emotional nightmare.”

In my case, much of it didn’t end up getting better. Eventually my marriage fell apart, I wound up quitting my job, and even went missing again before massive health issues forced me to be unable to physically go missing for about a year. It was during that time that I started to get better.

I don’t think anyone who knew me when I went missing views me the same way any longer. There is absolutely a pre and post breakdown version of me. That’s not easy for everyone. Just being found safe isn’t the end of the story, for sure.

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