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Sharing – Having No One to Talk to About Your Depression

I like what Kayla has to say in this post, because as valuable as a support system is, we have to come to terms with the fact that some people don’t have one.

Unfortunately, we do not all have access to a robust social support system. In some cases, we do not have a single person to turn to for support. Does this mean our situation is hopeless? Does this mean there is no way to help ourselves?

If we do not have a social support system to rely on, the only other option is to act as our own social support system. This can be difficult depending on the way the symptoms of your depression manifest, but it is not impossible.

Not impossible. Difficult, yes. And if you find yourself in that situation I would encourage you to do what you can to try and find a support system, even if it’s just in an online community, or even connecting with other mental health advocates, or folks talking about depression on Reddit or Twitter. But, before you even worry about that, take a look at the things Kayla suggests might be helpful in the mean time. There are ways you can feel less alone and disconnected. Heck, just by reading this post, you are taking a small step in that direction.

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