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Reviews Elsewhere – She (used to refer to a woman, or girl) by Natasha MacFarlane

Over at the Mental Health at Home blog, Ashleyleia has a review of this book of poetry:

The book is a story of She and her struggle with mental illness demons, told in poetic form.  It covers a number of common themes that occur in mental illness, including the relentless attack of inner demons while a mask shows a very different picture to the outside world.  It also touches on going through the daily routine all while faking it, hating the reflection in the mirror, and self-loathing.

Some of the snippets she quotes in the review are pretty powerful, and I love that it ends on a hopeful note as well, because we are more powerful than the demons that torment us. If you’re in the mood for some poetry about the struggle with mental health issues, it might be just the thing. If you’ve read it yourself, be sure to come back and let us know your thoughts on it!

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