Wales-based Survivor Foundation on hiatus following 10 year anniversary

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Whilst it’s good to keep track of the new survivor websites opening up for both genders, it’s also important to mark the end of an era where one particular site is concerned. The Foundation of Survivors, backed up and run by the author Joe Peters, reached its 10th Anniversary last Saturday, 24th July, but has had to massively scale down its activities for the moment due to the recession.

As this webmaster has found with the Ning situation at the Community site, the recession is forcing people to think about service delivery in the face of the collapse in donations. The Foundation was partly operated using proceeds from book sales. The fact that his publishers will sit on his new book until the Autumn season is par for the course in the book trade, but unfortunately doesn’t help the Foundation at all. During the hiatus Mr Peters is mulling over different options for the future. In my opinion I’d always advocate balancing out your own health and wellbeing with the zeal for helping other victims and survivors – and a decade of such work is an excellent legacy which we’d hope could form the basis for another book to aid the fundraising.

The announcement details are here.


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