Sitting Alone

Link – A Fragile State

Back in the Fall of 2018, did a series of stories highlighting the failure of the mental health care system in Louisiana.

The stories are heartbreaking, and some will be difficult to read. If you’re easily triggered, think about skipping them. On the other hand if you want to fully understand what it’s like to live with a mental health problem in a rural, under-served area, or in poverty, etc. these stories may help you.

As much as we want to highlight stories of resilience when it comes to mental health, those of us who’ve been there and come out the other side, we also have to recognize, and speak for, the ones who didn’t.

Sadly, many of them don’t make it not because their conditions aren’t treatable, but because of where they live, and what their financial background is.

That shouldn’t be a determining factor for healing or living.

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