Sharing – Download This Free Workbook on Anxiety and the Coronavirus

Thanks to Elizabeth Tuko for not only sharing the resource, but also giving us a full review of the workbook from someone who has used anxiety workbooks before.

“Recently, I came across a free, downloadable workbook focused specifically on dealing with anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak. Written and released by The Wellness Society—an organization that tries to bridge the gap for people who aren’t able to access traditional therapy—the workbook was created by mental health professionals to address the unique concerns of life during this pandemic.

The workbook contains several sections with different exercises, including planning your information diet, understanding your spheres of influence, learning how to use thought challenging as a strategy, and coming up with distractions that will actually work. Many of the tools are very similar to the ones in my general anxiety workbook.”

Check out what she has to say about it, and if you think it might help you, come back and let us know if it does!

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