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Sharing – Taking Compassionate Care of Yourself During Difficult Times

I think what Margarita writes here is something we can all identify with. Many of us struggle with self-care, and when we finally do form some habits that are all about taking care of ourselves in small ways, they get blown to bits.

“The self-care rituals and rhythms you regularly rely on to boost your energy and focus and alleviate your anxiety and depression have basically evaporated.

The trail you used to bike with your best friend is now closed—and your best friend, like you, is staying home for the foreseeable future. The yoga studio you attended most mornings has shut down, and so have your favorite coffee shop, pizza place, and bookstore. You no longer look forward to reading on your commute because you’re currently working from your spare bedroom.

And you’re beyond disappointed and frustrated. You’re devastated.”

The rest of the article includes tips on practicing self care in new ways, and giving yourself some compassion as you adjust, but the one that really struck home with me was about reminding yourself that are competent.

I read it and thought, oh yeah, I’ve developed self-care habits before, I can do it again. I didn’t always do it perfectly before, and I won’t do it perfectly now, but I CAN do things to take care of my own mental health.

So can you.


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  1. A good reminder that self care is not selfish. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is ironic, because I rarely have the kind of negative thoughts toward other people that I have toward myself.

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