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Sharing – Uncertainty Is A Hard Feeling To Sit With. Here’s How To Lighten The Load

This quote is, obviously, applicable in the current time, but is also something that I see very often in the survivor community.

““The human brain leans towards certainty and clarity,” she explains. “If we don’t get it, we often make it up. This is how faulty thinking or making assumptions come about – but they don’t always help us.””

Think about growing up in an abusive situation. We figure out how to survive, we develop all kids of coping mechanisms, most of which are a detriment to living an adult life very well, and yet when challenged to heal, and learn a new way of living, we sink away from it. Why? Because the unknown future that’s out there for us could be worse.

Or at least that’s what our brains like to tell us when facing uncertainty. There’s danger in not knowing, and not being able to anticipate and plan for every outcome, so we sink back into our old patterns, no matter how miserable we currently are because of them.

At least we know that life, and can predict it.

But, as this article points out, just because we can imagine horrible outcomes, doesn’t mean they are likely at all.

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