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Sharing – How To Post About Mental Health Without Sounding Like A Heartless Jerk

Maybe this is the best advice in the article:

“When in doubt, log off, take care of your own mental health and be kind.”

I know many of you have seen countless comments and memes in recent weeks regarding some famous people and their mental health. You may have even laughed at a few, though I hope you haven’t shared any.

If you have, I need you to think about the message you’re sending. You’re not hurting Kanye by sharing that meme, more than likely he will never know. But, what you are doing is sending the message to all of the people you do know, that you consider mental health issues something to laugh at and make fun of.

Maybe stop and consider the fact that it’s extremely likely that someone you know is dealing with their own mental health issues, and now knows to keep it secret from you. Since you are the kind of person who mocks people’s mental health.

Feel good about that?

Read more at the link, and think twice about what you have to say about other people’s mental health.

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