Sharing – This One Thing Heals Childhood Trauma

No, there isn’t one magic thing that heals childhood trauma, but there is one thing that is consistent across various kids who have had better outcomes:

“Bruce Perry M.D, Ph.D., author and founder of the ChildTrauma Academy writes in his book, The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog and Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook:

In some of our own work we’ve also found the most effective interventions involve educating and supporting the existing social network, particularly the family, about the known predictable effects of acute trauma and offering access to more therapeutic support if — and only if — the family sees prolonged post-traumatic symptoms.”

In the book, Perry demonstrates that the most effective way to help a child deal with trauma is anything that increases the quality and number of relationships in their life.”

This is what matters. Having people around you with the knowledge and willingness to support you. Far too many survivors, youth and adults, have never had that. We’ve failed them as a society that values our own discomfort with the topic over supporting people we claim to care about.

Until we stop doing that and start connecting with anyone who has experienced childhood trauma, we’ll continue to see all of the negative effects writ large.


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