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APA Foundation Launches Mental Healthcare Works Resource

Caught the announcement this morning.

“The mental health crisis in this country continues to grow – and while we see conditions worsening, far too few are seeking out resources, help, or treatment,” said Rawle Andrews, Jr., Esq., Executive Director of APAF. “Our team at APAF and the APA member community understand that mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, but few treat it as such. Through this campaign, we hope to raise awareness, combat discrimination, and encourage action for struggling individuals.”

You can access the launch page here –

Taking a quick look around it appears there are some stories, links to resources for finding help, and some advice on talking to your physician or helping a friend take the first steps toward getting help. I’m sure there will be additions to the site now that it is life, so I might suggest bookmarking it for future reference, especially so you have it handy when someone you know is looking for help.

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