Sign on the side of a building that reads "How are you, really?"

How Are You, Really? And How To Answer, Really

This article from last May struck a chord with me when it popped up in my online world this week. The reason it did that was because this is something I struggle with. I suspect many of you do as well. When I’m not doing well, how do I say that?

27 Very Good Responses for When You’re Not Actually OK

As the author states:

So how are you, really?

And before you respond with a quick, mindless, three-words-or-less answer, take a moment to reflect on your reality. All this emotional honesty making your mind and body freeze up? We got you. Here are 27 excellent responses for when you’re actually not OK:

Some replies are pithy, witty, and sarcastic, and one is even “meh.” But, what they get at is the underlying fact that answering “good,” “fine,” etc., is not the only way to answer the question. We can be honest with ourselves and each other. We can admit that right now, things are far from great. We can all be a little more human and recognize the struggle of being alive sometimes.

It won’t hurt us to be more up-front and honest with each other. That’s how you eliminate stigma.



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