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Sharing – Wording On Social Media Can Influence Views On Mental Health

I’m sharing this because I write on this blog and social media, and often, I don’t think deeply about the words I use and the tone I use. Reading this, I learned that it might impact the mental health of my readers.

The wording of social media posts and messages can be enough to influence how people feel about mental illness and mental health treatment.

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that students in college felt more optimistic about the chances of successfully treating mental health issues after they read social media posts that showed a “growth mindset”.

I’m going to consider this as I write going forward. Not that I’ll suddenly become the source of toxic positivity, but I will think more about hope, healing, and growth because as hard as many things are, there is hope. We should remind people of that.

If you plan to talk about mental health topics, take a look at the research.

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