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Sharing – The many faces of mental illness in Blacks

As a white person, I don’t generally have much to say about other groups. It’s not my place to talk about the hows and whys of the reluctance of black Americans to seek out mental health resources.

I do, however, know that there is a gap in the availability of treatment for most minority groups in the US and that it’s important for members of every group to talk about mental health.

Please take a few moments to check this out. Mental health is important in every group, and this is just a taste of the article below.

These increased incidences of psychological difficulties in the Black community are said to be related to the lack of access to appropriate and culturally responsive mental health care, prejudice and racism inherent in the daily environment of Black individuals, and historical trauma enacted on the Black community by the medical field. And this is an area that must be addressed.

But before that can happen, the specific mental health challenges faced by Blacks need to be known.

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