Sharing – 11 myths about mental health

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Every once in awhile, though, these lists provide me with something that causes me to do a double take. Like this:

“5. Only people without friends need therapists”

Huh? Look, I have some great friends, who I love dearly. I even have some friends who are therapists, but none of those relationships is the equivalent of going to therapy… Read More

Sharing – 5 Powerful Self-Care Tips for Abuse and Trauma Survivors

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This was written on the website for the Domestic Violence hotline, but the tips are relevant to anyone who has been abused or gone through trauma. This, for example, is similar to many things I’ve written about child abuse too:

“Throughout this journey of healing from trauma and abuse, make sure that you are being compassionate towards yourself. A great deal of trauma survivors suffer from toxic shame and self-blame. It’s important that we are gentle towards ourselves during this journey, that we acknowledge that we are doing our very best, and that we ask ourselves every day, “What would be the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?” in any circumstance. There is no time limit to learning and healing, there is only the power of transforming our adversity into victory, one small step at a time.”

Check out the article below to read more about how, exactly, to be gentle towards ourselves while still taking those small steps.… Read More

Sharing – How to support a friend facing depression

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We ask people during times like Suicide Prevention Month to talk, to reach out, to check on their friends, and start conversations, etc. But do we model those behaviors in our day-to-day lives? Do you create an environment, at work, school, home, or in our own communities where talking about mental health issues is just something that we all do, and not a shocking thing to talk about? Because I can guarantee you, someone who is dealing with depression isn’t going to see a social media post about reaching out and do just that without having someone they know will actually help to reach out to. 

The only way people will know that is if they see that behavior and hear these stories in their own community. Can you be part of creating that? … Read More

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