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Sharing – Mental health first aid kit: 10 essential items that will help when life gets tough

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I may not necessarily agree with everything on Dr. Zoe’s list, but I am on-board with the idea of knowing ahead of time what kinds of activities, people, etc. will help take care of your mental health when you need it. You and I may not have a current mental health diagnosis right now, but we all are having low days, struggle days. Doing something about those, might just help us avoid spiraling into a situation where we do end up with something more serious.… Read More

Sharing – How to find help with healing from childhood trauma

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PBS not only did a report on childhood trauma they are also sharing some helpful information.

This might be worth bookmarking, or if you are currently dealing with children in trauma in your own family, you may find some resources that can help you today. So, I’m sharing and if you know someone in that situation, I’d ask that you share with them too.… Read More

Sharing – Good Vibes Only? You Can’t Think Yourself Out of Depression

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You’re not being kind, you are blaming people for a ton of things that are completely beyond their control, because your own identify is tied to a world-view that has no explanation for suffering beyond “welp, guess you failed at being positive”.

That’s not a world-view, that’s a privileged, self-centered, view.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Dec 13, 2020

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Incarcerated Women Are Punished for Their Trauma With Solitary Confinement

There’s Nothing Positive About Toxic Positivity

How to deliver meaningful, safe messages about mental health

Grief in the Covid era will weigh on the American psyche for years to come

My Depression and I

Building Emotional Safety Nets for Men… Read More

Sharing – Now Is the Time to Re-Examine Stigma About Mental Illness

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We have gotten better at discussing some mental health issues, but there’s still so much more to do. It’s still not safe for too many people to even admit they need help with anxiety and depression, even though right now we all need support. There is still a severe shortage of help available, and we still treat other mental health issues with something other than fear.

If not now, when? Those of us who can share our stories, should be doing exactly that. For all the people who can’t. And, maybe even more, we need to remind the world that these issues affect people everywhere, from all backgrounds. It’s not just Hollywood, and it’s not just on poor neighborhoods, it affects plenty of people that we probably come in contact with every day. People we know, people we love, people we work with, neighbors, friends, family, etc. are, or have been, struggling with their mental health.

Maybe once we convince enough people of that, they’ll care enough to do something about it.… Read More

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