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ntal Health Is Often A Privilege For BIPOC. Here’s Why That Needs To Change.

African American teens face mental health crisis but are less likely than whites to get treatment

Managing your mental health – why staying connected is so important

Don’t Put Off Taking Care of Yourself

For black men, higher education and incomes don’t lower risks of depression, researchers say

‘No more pictures of someone clutching their head’: The photo competition reimagining images of mental health

Thoughts Of Suicide, Other Mental Health Struggles Still High For LGBTQ Youth

Tiffany and Frank King Talk Suicide Prevention

Sharing – Giving Ourselves Credit for Seemingly Small Wins

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You can read the article below for suggestions of things you should give yourself credit for. Then it’s up to you to understand how much you really do accomplish, even in the face of COVID-19, violence, and mass uncertainty.

Her list might even spark some ideas for some other, small, things you can do, and then give yourself credit for doing.

What are you giving yourself credit for today?

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