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Sharing – Allowing Survivors of Suicide Loss to Be Honest

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As Brandy shares, processing grief can sometimes mean being angry, or feeling things about the death of a loved one that don’t always jive with how we’d want suicide reported, but these are not spokespeople, advocates, or reporters, they are people dealing with their own pain.

Maybe, if we want people to speak their truth, we need to give them the room to express it the way they feel it, not silence them in the interest of not hearing terms we don’t love.… Read More

Sharing – ‘They Aren’t Who You Think They Are’

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If nothing else, I hope you’ll go read the article for two reasons. One, to recognize how difficult it can be to come forward, and have leaders dismiss your claims, so that you know how not to run any organizations that you and your kids are involved with, and two, to recognize how certain cultural values create a space for abusers. Churches rely on charismatic leaders, but without proper safeguards and oversight, you’ll attract some very charismatic evildoers too. Also, understand that environments with such a strong focus on sexual purity, create a culture where kids are desperate to not do the “worst thing” and are susceptible to this kind of grooming, not to mention a lot of shame around a very natural subject. That shame only increases the secrecy around sex, and again creates a place where secrets can thrive. DO NOT BE A PLACE WHERE SECRETS THRIVE!… Read More

Sharing – Good Vibes Only? You Can’t Think Yourself Out of Depression

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You’re not being kind, you are blaming people for a ton of things that are completely beyond their control, because your own identify is tied to a world-view that has no explanation for suffering beyond “welp, guess you failed at being positive”.

That’s not a world-view, that’s a privileged, self-centered, view.… Read More

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