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Sharing – Working with Male Survivors: When Reaching Male Survivors, Consider Your Program’s Name

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Here’s what I want you to consider. As a victim of sexual abuse, who identifies as male, I go in assuming that most of the resources available are going to be targeted to women. Because, in many cases, they are only available for women. So, if your organization doesn’t make it clear that you serve everyone, with clear examples, and promotion, many male victims may not ever reach out to you.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) March 14, 2021

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How Tara Wray Used Photography To ‘Process Fear And Uncertainty’

Stress in America study: How Americans can support mental health

How men are finding mental health support with digital tools

7 Books to Supercharge Your Personal Growth

Boxer Who Was Raped As 10-Year-Old Says Support Was ‘Life-Saving’

Breaking the silence: How to talk to your kids about sexual assault, consent

Why Your Reaction to a Child’s Abuse Disclosure Matters
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Sharing – ‘What I had to say mattered’ — how can we provide justice for sexual assault victims beyond criminal trials?

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The article below is about Restorative Justice, and idea that has become popular in some instances, because as much as we may not like it, this is true: “Some of the problems with the criminal justice system can, and should, … Read More

What is the Justice System For, Anyway?

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I found myself reading this interview with Dr. Mary Koss recently, and while I’m not 100% sure about the prospect of “Restorative Justice”, as she refers to it, I think that often, when we think about child sexual abuse, we fall into the same misconceptions about the legal system that she refers to when talking more broadly about sexual assault.

Namely, that the legal system is not really designed to assist with the healing of a victim.… Read More

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