Sharing – Childhood sexual abuse: Mental and physical after-effects closely linked

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The study looked at the fact that among girls who had been sexually abused, there are marked increases in mental health diagnosis, and also physical health issues like urinary tract infections, etc. I think either of these is a possibility, … Read More

Links I’m Sharing (weekly) Sept. 20, 2020

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Athlete A: What it Teaches Us… and Fails to Teach Us About Sexual Violence Against Children

‘Things will get better’: How talking about his mental health changed Jed’s life

Raising Awareness About Suicide Prevention

Suicide In The United States: Alarming Facts And Statistics

Suicide Awareness in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Podcasts About Mental Health

When Your Friend Has Schizophrenia

Have You Been Labeled?

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The thing I suspect many people worry about, and something that makes me crazy to be honest, is when people see “abuse victim”, or especially “sexual abuse victim”, and their brain immediately takes the shortcut to everything society says about that label. Being a survivor of childhood abuse is not “one” thing, but having your identity boiled down to that “one” thing, is dehumanizing. This is especially true when the stereotypes that we believe about survivors, don’t match who we really are!

Links I’m Sharing (weekly)

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How To Live With Someone Else’s Mental Illness
PTSD Physical Symptoms Can Be Confounding for Sexual Assault Survivors
Growing up I Often Heard “Therapy Is for White People”
How the Pandemic Is Taking Its Toll on Our Mental Health
One mental health solution: a kinder, gentler emergency department for people considering suicide
Nearly three in four child abuse survivors without support, study finds
Suicide After Suicide: What We Must Do to Break the Cycle
Why Abused Children May Strive for Perfection

Sharing – ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’ Disrupting Your Peace?

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One of the lessons that should be required learning for many of us, is that even with family, we get to set boundaries. We get to decide how much, or how little, we interact with other human beings. Also, what I decide is the way I want to set my boundaries, doesn’t mean yours need to be the same. As Carly lays out in the article below, there are quite a few things to consider, but it is your decision, and you should always put your own mental health first.

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