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Sharing – Antidepressant use in England soars as pandemic cuts counselling access

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This is not great. Medication can be incredibly helpful, but it’s really not a “fix” for depression.

“Lucy Schonegevel, the deputy campaigns director at the mental health charity Rethink, said there was a “big risk of antidepressants being prescribed with no support”, adding that such medications should “go hand in hand” with therapy.

Her concerns were echoed by the mental health campaigner Natasha Devon, who said: “People are going to their GPs with symptoms of mental illness and being sent away with a bag of medication, having been put on an 18-month waiting list.””… Read More

Sharing – State Lines Shouldn’t Keep Americans From Getting The Mental Health Help They Need

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That last bit, to me, is really the important part. I’m not saying no one needs proper credentials, and licensing, to offer therapy, but what I am saying is that if the physical location is limiting the ability of people to get care, when we have so many technological tools available to bridge that gap, then something will need to change. … Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Nov. 29, 2020

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Talking Isn’t Enough to Break Mental Health Stigma

We Are All Fighting Invisible Battles

We need to be more careful when talking about suicide and the pandemic

The Radical Punk-Rock Empathy of Lily Cornell Silver

The Surprising Mental Toll of COVID

When Holidays are Hard

The Impact Therapy Has on Dealing with Childhood Trauma

Quick Ways to Make Your Day a Little Better… Read More

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