What excites you?

I’m thinking today about what really excites me. What really makes me feel alive. Two things leap to mind, one the love of my wife, and the other learning something new. I get totally jazzed and excited when I start to talk to people and share ideas and learn from our conversations. I really feel that starting to happen over at my Tech site, and it’s something I want to start doing over here as well. I’d love to start developing a community of people helping each other to deal with abuse, depression, whatever. I’ve gotten some of that over the years with this site, but now that I have the know-how and technology to do comment conversations here, or eventually do some sort of forum or chat or something, I really want to see that sort of thing come to fruition. I just need to figure out how to best get there from here.

How about you, what really makes you feel alive?

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