In a panic

All the news programs are filled up with stories of scared people buying all of the local stock of duct tape and plastic sheeting, and generally being frightened by everything they see on TV or read online. It’s a scary time to be alive in America, there’s no doubt about that, but let’s be realistic here.

There is nothing that causes fear and panic more effectively than being out of control, and you are out of control of this situation. You don’t know where and when the next terrorist attack is going to be, or if there will even be one. All the duct tape in the world isn’t going to change that. The only thing you control is your response to the situation. You can panic and spend every minute of every day worrying about all of your preparations, or you can enjoy every day you have, knowing full well that you are going to die someday, whether it be by terrorist attack, or heart disease, or cancer, or car accident, or shooting, or any number of things!

You have a choice, you can spend whatever number of days you have left trying to avoid the inevitable, or you can enjoy each and every one of them as something special. Do yourself a favor, turn off the TV news and do something that you enjoy.

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