Going out tomorrow?

If you’re in the US, and planning on eating out tomorrow, how about eating at Chilis? They are donating 100% of their profits on Sept. 25th to Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, one of the leading childhood cancer centers in the world.

Thanks to Kevin for the pointer.

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  1. Hey there,

    Couldn’t find the contact-me portion of this site, so I thought I’d just write this in as a comment.

    In a nutshell — great site! I’m a survivor too, and things have been looking up steadily for the last several years. Like an upward graph, just better and better, with setbacks here and there.

    Question for you: in order to sort of immunize myself from being an abusive person (you know that victims often become victimizers — scary but common statistic) what are the best steps?

    I had been verbally abusive and nearly physically abusive to my ex-spouse and baby daughter, and even though everything is literally amazing right now with the two of them, I just want to keep taking steps to make sure I’m okay and they’re okay.

    I don’t want to “fall asleep on the job” just to have the wrong set of circumstances set me off. What are some links to some preventative medicine against becoming an abuser.

    I suppose just being part of a community of people who understand helps. People to talk with who will understand and stand by you. Know of anything like that?

    Sorry this was so long. I applaud your site!!



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