Civilian Support

Regardless of which side of the going to war fence you are on, I hope you can at least agree that the families of the servicemen and women who are currently deployed in the Middle East deserve our support at this time. In that vein, Natalie is setting up Operation Civilian Support to:

– Accept donations to purchase “care package” items for the families – a lot of these people have lost their sole breadwinner and everything that is donated to them is one less thing they’ll have to purchase.

– Accept donations to purchase small gifts for the children of our troops – to try to perk them up in some small way.

– Accept notes of encouragement and well-wishes for the family.

– Connect family members with willing pen-pals – if you have a child perhaps s/he would like to keep in contact with the child of a service member? Or you could offer yourself as a sympathetic ear to the spouse the service member left behind?

An excellent idea that I’m proud to promote.

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