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I was looking around this morning and stumbled upon this article written by a young women suffering from, trying to overcome, and learning everything she can about depression. I thought it was a pretty good look inside the mind of someone who suffers from depression. I especially idenitifed with this quote:

“Diabetes is manageable, you can work with it,” says Tim Osner, director of Behavioral Health Services at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. “Depression is a mood disorder. It’s not just a sadness, it’s a disruption in sleep, eating and relationships. It truly affects who you are.”

I find it difficult to describe what I was like before I got better and learned to manage my illness. I’m quite sure that Angela has no idea how I was and why I did things and this is maybe the best answer I can give her. When I suffered from depression I was a completely different person, it was one of the core things that were central to my life. Now it isn’t. It’s still there and still needs to kept in check using all the tools I learned from years of therapy, but it’s not at center of my being anymore. How do you understand that if you’ve never been through it?

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