Good memories

I’ve written before about how much I love the sound of a train whistle on a summer night, because I can remember that sound from visiting my grandparents. Visiting them on Long Island every summer was one of the few times that I was able to feel safe and just be a happy child.

Well I’m down on the Gulf Coast on vacation, and I’m totally getting that same feeling that I get from hearing a train whistle. It’s the beach, and the bay waters near Mobile and Gulfport/Biloxi that are giving me that same feeling. It’s watching the fishing boats come in at the end of the day, watching folks fishing off the piers, etc. All of those things are tapping into memories of being on Long Island with my grandparents and enjoying those same things. It’s nice to have a few happy memories like that to tap into every once in awhile..

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  1. Reading your posts is helpful to me. My husband is a survivor of a childhood rape and also an abusive home. I look to him for emotional companionship and find none. I have just finally realized why he is like he is. He is still in survivor mode. He never looks to the future or dares to dream. He is a wonderful man, and it pains me to think that he is still suffering so severely after all of these years. He has agreed for us to go to counseling, but I know it will end up dealing with his childhood traumas. I have approached him about it, and he said that is okay. I hope someday he is able to have some happy memories(as right now he remembers very little of his childhood or teen years). Thank you so much. You are at a place where he is not at yet. It helps to know other men have come so far after this. I pray he is able to, as well. Thanks again.

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