The ocean

It wasn’t until we got to Myrtle Beach today and walked out on the beach and hit the water before I realized something. I realized that I really, really miss the ocean. It was a place I got to as a kid every summer, living in NYC, but I haven’t been to an ocean beach…


Dan was kind enough to leave me a comment with both a pointer to his blog about being a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and also a pointer to His blog is intensely personal and quite moving, while the other site is a very useful resource for male survivors.


Yes last weekend was my 36th birthday. On the 4th, as a matter of fact. It made for a fun weekend, what with your normal 4th of July festivites on top of various birthday celebrations. It was rather nice to have a 3 day weekend, to spend time with family and friends, relax, celebrate, etc….

New link

I got an email this morning from Neil Ahern, author of a book titled AN INCH FROM MURDER My Life As A Male Victim Of Sexual Child Abuse. That link will take you to an explanation of the book and of Neil himself, but he has also started up a weblog which, in his words:…