Why don’t we know this already?

Study finds dads’ drug use harmful to kids.

Did we need to fund a study to figure this out? Isn’t it pretty common sense to say that if the father in a household is doing drugs it’s not going to be the best of environments for kids to grow up in? And why do we care if it’s worse than alcoholic fathers? It’s not like kids with alcoholic dads are living the dream childhood either!

One more thing, if there were 80 kids growing up with either alcoholic or drug addicted fathers in this study, why didn’t we spend that funding helping these people instead of studying them? Might it have not been more effective to help the fathers kick their dependancy, thereby helping the kids have a chance at a better childhood than it does to let the fathers do their thing so you can study the effects?

Or maybe I’m just being surly today. 🙂

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