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Comings and Goings in the Blogosphere

Interesting that, after falling behind the last few days on my blog reading, I would both find a new blog by a male survivor, and see that Marj is going to be giving up regular blogging.

I’ll miss reading Marj, and I can’t say enough about the work she did starting and carrying on the Carnival Against Child Abuse, but I certainly can understand the desire to spend the time and energy doing something else. In fact, seeing both of these things today really provides a good example of how things move and change in the world. The survivor community online is no different. Folks change, time passes, and we develop new interests and goals for our lives. I know exactly how Marj feels, after spending years deeply involved in the community, and in my own healing I don’t spend near the time I used to involved with everyone. I also know how Edward feels, when healing is the center of everything, and you need to reach out and start a blog as a way to communicate. It’s not much different than the healing journey itself, it ebbs and flows and finds it’s own way.

As much as I understand what Marj is doing, and why, I don’t have any plans to stop blogging here. Obviously, I have reached a point in my life where I’m spending less time on things here, but I also still find myself running into survivors online and in real life that tell me how much they get from reading things here, or who help me think about healing a little differently, or help me see new observations about life as a survivor. I still love having a place to share those thoughts, no matter how infrequent they might be. If the time comes that I don’t want to commit to sharing them any more, or I just don’t have the desire to write about healing any longer, I won’t. For now though, I still enjoy it, and I hope you do as well.

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