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I got an email this morning from Neil Ahern, author of a book titled AN INCH FROM MURDER My Life As A Male Victim Of Sexual Child Abuse. That link will take you to an explanation of the book and of Neil himself, but he has also started up a weblog which, in his words:

I have put this Blog together because in 1987 and for years afterward – I never attained the goal of creating a self-help group for the male victim of sexual child abuse. Yet this forum need not be – just for the male victim – nor – for just survivors of sexual abuse. All abuse is wrong. I hope today – as I hoped in 1987 – that I can be of help.

Please feel free to join and contribute to this Weblog and/or comment on the entries that you read here.

That sounds very close to the reason I started doing this website, and have hoped that people would be able to get something out of reading, contributing, posting in the forums, whatever they can get. Given the similar goals, how could I not link to him?

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  1. Mike

    You are a terrific guy for giving me such a nice entry and linking to me. It’s fine folks like you – that will help make more people aware of the plight of the abused child.

    And it isn’t so much that I concentrate on the aspects of sexual child abuse – but moreso – the lasting effects of emotional abuse – that imho is far more lasting than any physical abuse that I received.

    I pray that more people will discover your site.

    Best regards,


  2. Another Survivor Link

    Current Mood: I was recently made aware of Nealus’ blog, An Inch From Murder. I think it’s a very important read, and I am impressed that more and more survivors are willing to open up and tell their story. I wish Nealus all the best in fin…

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