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March Edition of Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse – Have a Good Time!

Wow, that turned unto quite a long title, didn’t it?

Anyway, this months edition didn’t see the same number of entries that recent editions have, probably owing to the weather getting a bit nicer and people spending a bit more time away from their computers I’d guess. However, don’t let the number fool you, there is, as always, some excellent stuff in here!

As you know, with this month being the month St. Patrick’s Day falls, and your host having quite a bit of Irish blood flowing in his veins, I wanted to focus on the way I view my Irish heritage. I’ve always considered the Irish to be a people that managed to live through their suffering by always looking forward, always willing to enjoy what they have to look forward to, and apply that to survivors. To me, having the ability to enjoy the little things in life, and having positive things to look forward to is a real key to healing, and I shared my own thoughts on the matter through the words of my grandmother in the post Family Wisdom.

Katie picked up on the theme and submitted an article she had actually written in Feb. (She was ahead of the game!) called What Makes you Happy?

Marj was also ahead of the game, submitting a post from July, 2009 entitled Helping Your Inner Child Help You along with this explanation:

I’m submitting this post for our “Surviving with Joy” theme because working with my inner child during my recovery has provided me with many little moments of joy.

Meanwhile, Issue Knitting also picked up on the theme and submitted Finding Joy, which literally made me smile as I read it!

Lastly, Paul took an interesting twist on my Irish Heritage theme, and talked about the Irish Famine Memorial in Boston, and how he relates to the struggle and the need to continue marching forward! How true, Paul!

Of course, each month the Carnival also gets plenty of great submissions in the regular categories, so please take a few moments to enjoy these as well!

Advocacy and Awareness:

Cornut32 added a post with a link to an article talking about protecting LDS church members from abuse, titled Sisters Speak: Teaching about Sexual Abuse. In it she shares the comment she made on the article about ways to teach church members about the topic. Good lessons for us all to keep in mind!

In the News:

Morrigan wrote back in Dec. about the ongoing scandals in the Catholic Church in Ireland sharing thoughts on what is going on there in Bad Apples or a Bad Barrel? Sexual Abuse and the Irish Catholic Church.


As far as Survivor Poetry goes this month, we had two folks send in some of their work. Robert shared a couple of haikus, every night freight trains and we turn.

Meanwhile, Rick Belden added One Day.

Survivor Stories:

Had a few folks submit stories, including at least one newcomer to the Carnival!

Growing Up Broken shared how far she has come in Looking Over your Shoulder. Good for you!

Achieving Peace sent in Surviving, Conquering and Forgiving -My Story

And, Ligeia, who learned about the Carnival recently over on the Survivors Network made her first entry into the wonderful community that has built up around this monthly carnival, What’s in a Name?

Healing and Therapy:

Saving the best, or at least most popular, category for last this month, we had a number of entries in the area of healing and therapy.

Dr. Kathleen Young contributed her thoughts in What’s Love got to Do with It? Self-love and Healing!

Patricia Singleton wrote something very similar to Dr. Young, almost creating a mini-theme for this month, in Loving Yourself First is Being Real. She also sent in a second post in this category, about Fear, which has some good information about learning to admit and acknowledge the things we fear.

Paul also added a second entry to this month’s Carnival in this category, Dissociative Identities and Healing, proving that there’s usually more than one good thing to be added to any Carnival, a note I will surely make to myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, but certainly not least, Mia sent in an educational article, about Color Therapy. Even though the blog isn’t a Survivor blog per se, I still found the 30 Things You Should Know about the Psychology of Color to be quite interesting, and you might too!

So that’s it! Just 18 entries this month, but all well worth taking a few moments to read! Thanks to everyone for the great writing they have submitted, and thanks to Marj for allowing me the honor to highlight just a small taste of the many great blogs written by and for curvivors out there! I hope you enjoy, and have found a new voice or two to read. I also hope that you will consider submitting your own articles for next month’s Carnival, and will continue to support this wonderful endeavor with your posts well in to the future!

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  1. Oh, Mike, thank you for hosting! Your theme was grand! I’ve been meaning to write that post for quite some time, but your theme was what pushed me to do it. I was feeling pretty crappy the day I wrote it but by the end of the post, I felt so much better. I’m so glad it made you smile!

    Take care! *hugs* <3

  2. Thanks so much for hosting for us again, Mike. Hey, before we hit the “mega carnivals” with up to 30 posts, this was about the average size. No need to apologize, Mike. I just got this listed over at BC dot com and I will read, comment and get a notice post up at my blog when I return to my home. I’m just making a quick stop for wifi access while I’m on the road. “see” you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mike, thanks for hosting the Blog Carnival this month. Like you, I too have an Irish heritage in my family. My Irish great-grandfather was not a man to admire. My great-grandmother left him after he tried to poison her soup. She died a few years later. My grandfather and his brother were forced to live with their father then. My grandfather grew up to become an abusive alcoholic. When he wasn’t drinking Monday through Friday, he was mild mannered. He drank Friday evening through Sunday evening until he passed out. He became a mean drunk on weekends. He was a red-headed Irishman.

  4. thank you for hosting~ it was a great topic and i’ve thought about it a lot ever since you brought it up. it’s influenced my week for the better. thank you again!

  5. Hey, Mike! I’m back in town now and reading the posts. And I just want to say how much I appreciate your inspired idea for this month’s theme for the blog carnival. I am really smiling reading about the joys, inner children, humor and things that make survivor/thrivers happy. Kudos! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey, Mike! I’m getting through all the carnival posts and I just noticed a problem with one of the links. I think you accidentally put in the same url for the Growing Up Broken blog and the Achieving Peace blog. Both links take you to the Growing Up Broken post. Can you fix it? I’d like to go over to Achieving Peace and welcome that new carnival participant. Thanks!

  7. Marj, fixed the link. Thanks for finding my error! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words as well. I enjoyed hosting the carnival and giving the spotlight to some great reads. Here’s to next month!

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