Learning from every situation

As I ponder the new job I’m about to head off to, it occurs to me that I’ll be doing a lot of training and working with people one-on-one helping them to use the technology they have to do their job better. In turn, it also occurs to me that the ability to read people, to adjust my teaching style to fit their learning style, to pick up on the subtle hints they give off without even knowing the’re doing it is really a result of having spent so much time learning about how to pick up on my own subconscious hints in therapy, and interacting with other survivors in group therapy.

The ability to recognize when people are frustrated, when they’re excited and when they’re understanding what I am saying to them is something that can be learned. I know that one of the reasons I learned how to be sensitive to people and to pay attention to their reactions was because I was learning how to be a survivor. So even though that was a very difficult period in my life, there were still many lessons to be learned that would be of great benefit for the rest of my life. I didn’t realize it at the time, and there’s no way I could have foreseen how they played out in the future, but I’m glad I chose to pay attention to them.

What are the lessons you can learn from your current situations? Are you paying attention to them? You never know when those lessons will come in handy!

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