Getting outside my comfort zone

For those of you who haven’t seen the news on my other blog I’m going to be switching jobs at the end of next week. I’m going to be leaving the first job I had after being in the hospital, getting divorced, and finally getting healthy through therapy and off anti-depressants. The job I’ve had, and played no small part in learning to value myself, learning to deal with stress in healthy ways, learning social skills, etc. The job where I would eventually meet the love of my life and get married again, thereby breaking two promises that I had made to myself, not to date co-workers and not to get married again. (What can I say, when someone like Angela comes along, it changes the rules you’ve lived by before.)

Yes, I’m leavng a job I’ve held for almost 8 years, a job I knew like the back of my hand, where I safely had navigated all the office politics and interpersonal messiness that goes on in small offices, and moving to a place where I’ll know none of this stuff.

But I’m still excited, by the challenges, the new experiences, new people and new technology that I’ll be using and learning about every day. So, even though the switch might take me away from the things I’ve grown used to, and maybe change many of the patterns I’ve grown accustomed to, finding new pattersn should be a lot of fun!

Or, at least it won’t get boring. 🙂

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  1. Mike,
    Best wishes with the new job. Good for you for taking the chance, the risk and most of all for having faith in yourself and in Angela (and all she does for you) to make the move.
    I wish you much success, happiness and joy!

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