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Maybe that’s what I should rename this blog? Obviously, I have been slack in posting anything more than book reviews sent to me by other people in the last couple of weeks.

I realized today when I was reading Marj’s blog, that even if the midst of everything she’s been dealing with, she’s managed to post a couple of updates, so that people don’t worry too much about her, and can keep track of how she’s doing. It occurs to me, that by being silent, I might just be worrying some of you so here’s a quick update.

Everything’s fine!

No, seriously everything is fine. For the better part of last week I had a number of half-complete thoughts I wanted to blog about, but never really seemed to get any of them to turn into complete thoughts, so I didn’t. For the last week or so, things have been so crazy, insanely, hectic at work that by the time I get home, I’ve got time to post some thoughts, but lack the motivation or mental energy to do much more than read other blogs and Twitter, watch TV or do some Wii Fit.

It’s actually taken all my will to sit here and write this much without going off to look at something bright and shiny that doesn’t require me to think.

So, never fear. It’s not that I’m overwhelmed with life’s difficulties that keeps me from blogging, it’s simply a limit to the amount of mental focus I have during a given day, that is being used up at work more than usual! Eventually, things will get a bit less hectic.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. 😉

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  1. Firstly, if we can see Twitter updates we know you’re alive 🙂

    Seriously though, I think it’s important to underline that you can be a survivor of child abuse and have days where you feel absolutely great and you’re out living your life, especially if it’s summer, and that means you have a little less time in front of the computer to blog. That’s no big deal, in fact it’s healthy.

  2. I just came across your blog, and wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. Your honesty is refreshing, and your posts are a great read. I am linking you on my blog so others can enjoy too. I especially like your comment about wanting to “go off and find something bright and shiny so you don’t have to think.” I can relate! I usually try to find so many things to keep me busy, that I don’t have to think or feel.

  3. HiMike, Just came across your blog, and really like your posts, they are reality and I can relate to them so well. well done..Mary

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