Andy Murray Overcomes Childhood Trauma

Reading this article about how Andy Murray survived the Dunblane school shooting got me thinking about childhood abuse survivors and the people who are constantly telling us that abused kids are doomed to a lifetime of pain.

While it’s true that Andy Murray was not a victim of abuse, I don’t believe there’s any question that he suffered through trauma as a young child. The same sorts of trauma that cause PTSD, much like many abuse survivors. Despite that, Andy has gone on to become one the best tennis players in the world. So if you’re thinking of yourself as hopelessly damaged from your childhood trauma, and the effects that trauma is having on you as an adult, remember that despite the issues that come along with childhood trauma, the difficulties we may face having to overcome those effects, and the time it takes to truly heal from your past, it absolutely can be overcome.

If Andy Murray can overcome being in the middle of a school shooting, and the PTSD involved in that event, you can overcome whatever trauma you suffered as a child as well. It is not a death sentence. You might not with Wimbledon, but you are certainly capable of being successful as an adult, no longer a victim.

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  1. It is not the childhood trauma that plagues my life as what happened in the past should have gone. It is those who continue to hold the past against me for how I behaved when I was being abused in which some of them were the abusers which won’t go away. They were all jealous of me and out to destroy me because I could do some A-level maths in junior school, but the trauma prevented me from achieving my full potential. For years they were above me but once I started to rise above them they stepped up the persecution against me again because they are obsessed against brighter people due to inferiority disorders they have which breed envy within them. Such individuals with perverted minds make lives hell for others.

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