Depression screening

Reading through the blogs today I saw a post about Thursday, Oct. 6 being National Depression Screening Day.

Much like that post talks about, it’s never a bad idea to get a free depression screening. Trust me, if you’re thinking that you might be a little depressed, find out, get the correct treatment, medication, therapy, both, etc. and get a handle on this illness before it gets worse. Don’t let it take more of your life than it already has.

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  1. Thank you for being talking about National Depression Screening day. Screening for depression is one of the most effective ways of catching this disabling condition so that it can be effectively treated. But why only 1 day a year? Because it takes too long to administer the screening. So to overcome that, we at AuroraMD automated the screening process, so that it happens automatically in the primary care waiting room with little staff time. Then the results are presented to the doctor in the exam room. See our website .
    Is your doctor screening everyday?

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