Better in 2006

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve spent years working on simply being better instead of making new year’s resolutions. I figure that’s it’s better to concentrate on the goal of being a better person every day than it is to make resolutions that go away after a few weeks. I’ve worked, with some success, and continue to work on being a better husband, writer, friend, and worker. I try to make better decisions, make better use of my time, and keep learning, but this year it’s become clear that one area of life has always been more difficult than others when it came to being better, and that was working toward being better physically. I’ve found this area to be a problem for many abuse survivors, though I’m not sure why.

Over the last few years of being married and happy, I’ve put on some weight, there’s no denying that. My wife’s job at the university alumni association afforded us the ability to purchase a sports and recreation pass to use all of their facilities, which offer a vast number of options for getting exercise. (Everything from a lap pool, cardio equipment, weight training, to dodge ball sessions.) We decided to sign up for this quarter and see whether we could keep up a regular schedule of workouts before signing up for a whole year. So far, we went twice over the weekend and are planning on going again tonight. I even weighed myself the first night we were there, which was scary. I haven’t weighed myself in years, and I weigh even more than I thought I did, which is unsettling, but now at least I have a way to measure my progress. Here’s hoping we can be diligent and I can make some progress!

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  1. It is good to see that you have come so far to be content and happy with your life. We all deserve that.

    Wishing you much happiness in all the days to follow. Sending you support and peace.


  2. How nice of you to link to my blog. If ok, I would like to link your blog on mine as well. Your writings have been insightful and inspirational.


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