Coming up for air

Hi there, remember me? 🙂

OK so it hasn’t been that long since I posted anything over here, but I can’t help but feel a little like I’ve been neglecting things over here. It’s true, I’ve been working head-down in technology for a while now, and really haven’t had time to put together too many coherent thoughts about anything other than work, or personal tech projects.

As always, those of you who follow both my blogs, saw the number of recent posts and topics over on the other side of me increase, just as the number decreased on here. That’s to be expected. Sometimes, you just can’t be everywhere all the time. 🙂

It’s also been somewhat interesting to me, that as I incorporate some of the various social networking sites into my online “brand”, that a number of survivors have been reaching out, either by sending me notes, “friending me” or even following me on Twitter. The reason I say this is interesting, is that I get to sort of see the two worlds, that exist on the two different sites I author, meet in one place.

I don’t mind, obviously, being known as a survivor. I wouldn’t have started this site if I did. On the other hand, I like being more than that. We’re all more than that. Being a survivor will always be part of us, but it’s not all we are. We are people, with all the varied interests, talents and faults. I feel like that combination of who I am should be expressed, without having to be dominated by one thing. Hopefully, I can keep it that way!

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  1. Who are you again? 😉

    The good thing is that you have two clearly defined subjects for your blogs, so you’re not left wondering which one you should be posting in about which subject.

    You’re right, there’s more to us than surviving abuse but depending where you are in the healing process there are days when it feels that way – and that’s when you need to decompress from the reading and the journals and the crazy runaround that healing can become.

  2. Mike,

    I wished I could be htere to hear yu and share my story with you. I tis somehow simple: My mother did all to show how much she hated me !
    It is hard for me now not to need affirmation from otehrs to feel OK


  3. Pam,

    I’m sorry to hear that you had to live with that. I hope you know that you are worth affirmation, and even though you probably don’t believe that, someday, if you keep working at seeing yourself as worthy of that, you will. Keep at it!

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