I spent part of the long weekend exchanging emails with a lady who felt all alone as she tried to begin the process of healing from abuse. I pointed her in the direction of some of the forums and online support groups listed on the resource page, and to the list of blogs by abuse survivors listed over to the left of the screen. I don’t think she felt so alone after seeing how many people were dealing with similar issues and writing about them.

My thanks go out to everyone who takes the time to help others, whether it be by chatting, blogging, emailing, or talking to people offline. I know from experience how much the knowledge that there are other survivors out there helps.

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  1. Wonderful site. Fantastic to see men writing and dealing with abuse issues. I have two brothers who aren’t every going to deal with what our father did to us, and that makes my heart so sad.

    I invite you to come visit my site and read my Killaloe blog from August 23rd. It explains a bit of what I deal with.

    Thank you for your wonderful site.
    White light~ Jennefer

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