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It occured to me yesterday while I was filling out a 200 question “personality profile” as part of my job search, that I’ll never be able to sit and take that sort of things without thinking about the hours and hours spent filling out similar profiles for depression screening, etc. back when I first started therapy, and when I was in the hospital during the psych consult. I’ve taken too many of those in my life….

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  1. Oh those labels have a habit of bringing up all those memories. Well they do with me!

    Do you declare that you suffer from depression or to being an inpatient during Psychiatric observation?



  2. Hi..My name is amber, and i am a victim, but i have not been able to overcome my past. I am in a relationship with a guy that understands, but he is sick of dealing with my issues, and i don’t know how to make the issues stop. I feel like there is something wrong with me because i can’t get over this. Someone please email me at i really need someone to talk to! thanks

  3. Dan,

    It’s been over 5 years since I was on antidepressants or in therapy on a regular basis, so I don’t really feel the need to acknowledge any “current” depression in those sort of things, but if it comes up in as a question in mypast work history, I talk about it.

  4. How did you find the response when you do talk about it?

    When i missed my final year exams through a breakdown, one of the first questions my personal tutor asked me was “Why didnt you put down depression on your application form?”

    I think my reply was thus “You must be joking … … Would you have taken someone on that in the past few years has been diagnosed with clinical depression”? My tutors silence spoke volumes!

    At the time we thought it was depressive episode but a future diagnoses was made of PTSD after I had disclosed about my past sexual abuse.

    Ive got a new blog oing if interested as usual comments are encouraged. Let me know and I will send you the url (its on a different domain)


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