My apologies

I tried to upgrade to the newest version of Movable Type last night, and even though I thought everything went ok, I discovered today that wasn’t exactly the case. So, if you tried to leave a comment and couldn’t or were one of the unfortunate ones who stopped by the site as I was trying to fix the problem and wound up screwing up the layout. I’m sorry. I’ve rolled everything back to pre-upgrade status, and it all should be operational again.

I’ll have to do some research into the problem and try the upgrade at another time.

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  1. Thank you for posting the info (Helpful Resources) you have on your site/blog. I found it kinda by accident to be honest. I had the idea of using a blog to document the stages that I will have to go through to bring at least 1 paedophile ( possible 2 or more involved ) to court for abuse committed over a number of years during my childhood. I thought it might be helpful to others to see the process (as it applies to Ireland). I was just searching to see if there was any information out there already. It was helpful to see the feelings/emotions i have gone through are systematic of the experience i underwent and am undergoing.

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