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If you’ve been getting posts here by email, never fear, I haven’t turned that off. You’ll still be getting those, but I have hidden away the signup form for new subscribers. Simply put, the default email subscription tool for WordPress just isn’t doing it for me. All it does is send out posts when they are published. I have been toying around with some new things I want to try, and wanted something a bit more flexible, so I’ve created a subscriber list using Mailchimp. Right now, if you sign up for that list, you’ll receive one newsletter per week, on Monday morning, with all of the week’s posts from this blog and the News and Reviews blog.

Eventually, I will be adding some new features, perhaps running some contests, surveys, or making some special content available to newsletter subscribers. I can’t really say for sure because so much depends on what kind of interest there is in the newsletter first! So, if you’d like to start getting weekly updates, and more surprises in the future, sign up now!


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