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Announcement for Email Subscribers

With the implementation of the EU’s new rules about handling personal information, the GDRP, I’m sure many of you have noticed the large number of websites and platforms updating their terms of service and privacy policies. The new rules apply to everyone, even little old blogs like this one. In light of preparing for these rules, I’ve been thinking about how much data I actually need to collect around here. There’s really not much. There are some cookies used to track things like the number of page views, and which posts are attracting attention, but I don’t really do anything to tie those cookies to individuals.

The one thing I do have is email addresses. I have been using Mailchimp to send out weekly wrap-up emails from the site, and the occasional special email to subscribers. With Mailchimp that list of email addresses is mine, I own and control it. Thanks to the GDPR, that means I have a responsibility now to go back out and confirm that any EU subscribers actually want to be subscribed, and have them subscribe again after confirming that. Since I don’t know where any of you are from, I would need to have everyone do that.

As you can imagine, I don’t want to do that any more than you do. I also, after careful consideration, have decided that I don’t want your email addresses. I feel very strongly that the EU is on the right track with this new legislation, and I truly do believe that any online company should be reconsidering what information they actually need. In my case, there’s just no reason for it.

So, if you’re a current email subscriber, you won’t be in a week or two. I’m going to completely delete the current mailing list.

If you want to subscribe by email, the forms have all been altered to the default WordPress email subscription. You can give them your email address instead of me.

Or you can follow the blog all of the other ways. I promise each and every post will be sent to these locations. Each will also have some other things posted as well, and not all of them will be the same, but all new posts will go out.

Twitter – I’m also going to keep the MailChimp campaign running, so the link to the recap will be tweeted out each Tuesday still.


Google Plus



Or you can always subscribe to the RSS feeds for both this blog and the Survivors News and Reviews blog.

Thanks for being a subscriber, I hope you can understand why I’m making this decision, and I look forward to seeing you around the other networks.

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