Weekend Update

I had high hopes for getting a lot done this weekend, figuring since I would be laid up somewhat for the weekend after the surgery, I could drag out the laptop and do some things.

I highly underestimated the power of Vicodin to knock me out cold. So, instead of being laid up and working, I’ve been laid up and sleeping, a lot!

That being said, the surgery went well, and aside from sleepiness and the occasional discomfort, the after-effects haven’t been all that bad. We’ll see how the work day tomorrow goes!

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  1. Mike: I’m sorry to hear about the dissociating. I hope the procedure and after-effects went better than anticipated. I know, those old habits ARE hard to break.

    Hey, I’m sorry if my distractions may have led you to believe I was blowing off the Nov. blog carnival. Don’t worry, I’m not. When would be a good time for you? Maybe before Thanksgiving, no? E-mail me and I’ll get you all set up at Blog Carnival dot com. thriver&survivorscanthrive.com Thanks! (Hey, and thanks for all the links and the support lately–even tho the post I have up right now is a doosey, I am actually starting to pull myself up out of the mire.)

  2. No the after affects weren’t as bad as they could have been, so I’ve been lucky in that regard. And the process has been an interesting one, I’ve learned a lot that I had no idea about, but I doubt I’ll write too many details on here..*L*

    You’ll be getting an email from me shortly about the Carnival! Glad to hear things are improving for you!

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