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I had high hopes for getting a lot done this weekend, figuring since I would be laid up somewhat for the weekend after the surgery, I could drag out the laptop and do some things.

I highly underestimated the power of Vicodin to knock me out cold. So, instead of being laid up and working, I’ve been laid up and sleeping, a lot!

That being said, the surgery went well, and aside from sleepiness and the occasional discomfort, the after-effects haven’t been all that bad. We’ll see how the work day tomorrow goes!

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  1. marj (aka thriver)
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    Mike: I’m sorry to hear about the dissociating. I hope the procedure and after-effects went better than anticipated. I know, those old habits ARE hard to break.

    Hey, I’m sorry if my distractions may have led you to believe I was blowing off the Nov. blog carnival. Don’t worry, I’m not. When would be a good time for you? Maybe before Thanksgiving, no? E-mail me and I’ll get you all set up at Blog Carnival dot com. thriver&survivorscanthrive.com Thanks! (Hey, and thanks for all the links and the support lately–even tho the post I have up right now is a doosey, I am actually starting to pull myself up out of the mire.)

  2. Mike McBride
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    No the after affects weren’t as bad as they could have been, so I’ve been lucky in that regard. And the process has been an interesting one, I’ve learned a lot that I had no idea about, but I doubt I’ll write too many details on here..*L*

    You’ll be getting an email from me shortly about the Carnival! Glad to hear things are improving for you!

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