Playing Matchmaker for Survivor’s Significant Others

If you’ve been following the comments on this older post about support for spouses this weekend, you know that “Nikki” asked for some advice in being involved with an abuse survivor, and in response to my suggestion to find a professional to talk to herself, she asked that I keep her in the loop if others come to the site looking to talk to other significant others. Since, obviously, I’m a survivor, and not really dealing with issues from the same viewpoint as she would, I’m of limited use there. However, I know some of you are in similar situations, or know people who are. If you’re also looking for others to talk to about these issues, let me know and I’ll see if I can get you in touch with each other.

If there’s enough interest, I’d also be willing to moderate and host (though obviously not take a large, active, role) an email list for folks to talk about these issues. It’s easy enough to set that up on this domain, and I can “lock” it down to some extent to keep people as safe as possible from spam or just rudeness. If there’s interest, or if you know of another resource that is already has an active community of significant others, please share!

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