What We Learned This Week

I’ve got to think that all of us, survivors or not, have learned from this week’s events that you don’t know how long your life is going to be, you should cherish each day you have, and never take any for granted. Above all, I would think that it shows how important it is to take advantage of today, for tomorrow is not promised.

If you’re a survivor who is unsure about finding healing, and peace, or has been putting off making changes in your life that will bring about happiness for yourself, what are you waiting for? You may not have too many “somedays” to wait for. Why not take advantage of today? Start taking care of yourself today, there’s simply no reason to wait. Life is hard, and it’s full of pain for everyone. It’s also too short to spend more time than is necessary with pain that you can do something about. Start today. That’s one day further into your healing journey than yesterday, and the nxt one will be another day in. If not, tomorrow will be just another day wasted.

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