June’s Carnival Against Child Abuse

It’s up over at Picture of Experence today, in time for the Father’s Day weekend. When I first saw that she was planning tthis edition in connection with Father’s Day, I had planned on writing up something here, but as the deadline approached, I realized that I just didn’t have anything. Father’s Day really means little to me, and maybe that should be a blog post in itself, but even then, there’s no big drama attached to it, I just don’t really think anything about the day.

So, between that, and the lack of time I’ve had to write much here, I don’t have anything included in this edition. Hopefully next month. We’ll see how much time I spend writing on the laptop, it’s tough to do when the early summer weather is here. I can tell from the lack of activity on the Survivor Network that I’m not the only one finding myself occupied with other things lately. 😉

Anyway, go check out the blog carnival, and let those folks know they do a great job!

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